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How to Get Everyone in Your Bank Thinking Like a Marketer

by | Sales & Marketing


I believe accountable people make the world go around.

In this session, I’ll show you how to get everyone in your bank thinking about how to get the next best customers at premium pricing.

If you’re the kind of leader who has the traditional marketing department and they do “their thing” and nobody quite understands the why or the how except those in the department, that’s very typical.

You’re going to love knowing that you can expand that department so that everyone in the bank believes they are a marketer.

If, on the other hand, your people are already actively involved every day in landing the next best customers and taking your current most profitable and kissing them on the lips until they chap, good for you!

I have a few more things for you to keep that party going.

Or, if you’re thinking, “Really, one more thing to think about, Roxanne? I have to run a bank or grow my department, and now you want ME to be an extension of the marketing team?”

Well, YES. And when you do this correctly, you will spend LESS time in the office. I promise.

Most every bank would say that their team members don’t consider themselves marketers.

I’m now going to give you three steps that will help your team grow new, more profitable accounts in just a few weeks, REGARDLESS of their positions.

Step 1: Volume ¹ Profit

UNLIKE so much education in banking that encourages people to be excited about the number of new accounts, if you’re a typical bank, there’s only about 100 who account for ALL the profits for the entire bank. Your team needs to know that. Stop chasing every new account you can get on a free checking deal—just to count the numbers—and get focused on what really matters: The next most profitable few.

Step 2: Not all prospects are the same. Stop treating them that way.

As opposed to the “we love them all the same” approach to customer service, the job everyone must get is that you take very good care of all customers, but your Top 100 customers and your Top 100 prospects are the reason you exist. Literally.

Without them, there is ZERO profit. They’re not the meaning of life, but they ARE why the doors remain open. It’s the job of everyone in the bank to flip on the brain and think about how to add meaningful value to these people every day.

Step 3: Turn off the noise—build a wall around your Top 100 customers and prospects

Get everyone and everything aligned to make sure that you never lose a Top 100 customer. Have systems to keep going back until you get all their business. Get all your marketing and sales efforts focused on the Top 100 list. Everything else is noise that can never be used as an excuse to not be impeccable on the delivery for your Top 100 initiatives.

Again, first, get your people to understand real-life “bank math,” so they understand the best way to help the poor is not to become one of them.

Second, focus your efforts on getting more Top 100.

Finally, take your current Top 100 and build “kiss them on the lips until they chap” approaches to service.

By getting everyone in your bank thinking like a marketer, you can create a sustainable and profitable bank that sees economic downturns as an opportunity to thrive more. Because you’ve built so much safety, you can sleep like a baby every night.

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