3 Essential Questions to Increase Sales

What I’m about to say to you is sales heresy…

The most successful sales people don’t actually “sell.”

That’s right. They don’t sell.

They facilitate buying.

You’re thinking, “But wait Roxanne, that’s just semantics.”

If that’s true, then ask yourself… “Are 100% of your people comfortable with (and using) the sales script your last sales trainer taught them?”

Of course they’re not…because that kind of “selling” (really just clever manipulation) is uncomfortable for most and, when taken to the extreme…unethical.

Yet, in bank after bank, after bank (hundreds now), we’re able to quickly get even the most timid to embrace and master the role of “buying facilitator”…

All with just three types of questions (and no sleazy sales script!).

I’ll walk you through all three questions on today’s video…

But before you go watch it, you’ll just want to grab a new tool we just released…

It’s called the Team Selling Checklist and it’s for community banks who are making the shift to “team selling” (and you should).

With this checklist and the 3 questions on today’s video, you’ll be on your way to team selling success!

Now, here’s today’s video…


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