Cross-Sales…Its Sad State of Affairs

Truly depressing really…

Imagine if you came to work for two decades…busted your hump and looked back over your 20-year career, only to discover you’d made absolutely no progress.

What a waste…

That’s exactly what our beloved industry can do right now.

Turn around and reflect on the last two decades…and realize that as a group, no progress has been made in cross-sales success.

Not a lick!

For decades the industry average has hovered around a too-low-to-admit-publically 2.2 cross-sales per new account.

So, on average, banks are capturing just 1/8th of the relationship with each new customer.


For those that don’t fix it (and fast) there are three real, and “right now” dangers you’d better brace yourself for (more on those in today’s video).

And if you’re not AVERAGING 5, 6 or 7 (across the bank), the best time to fix that would have been yesterday…the next best time is TODAY. Jump on our newest online masterclass and I’ll show you how our client banks are systematically doubling cross sales (on average) across the entire bank.

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