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How to Put Your Strategic Plan Into Action.. and Always Win with Bank Builders™

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You have a strategic plan. That’s good. But does it have a life beyond the paper it’s written on? Is it driving you toward success—or is it just something you checked off a list of “Things Good Banks Should Do”?

If they’re honest, about 95 percent of bank execs would have to say “Oh well, nice try.” Most strategic plans just don’t end up making a difference. That’s a serious problem. In addition to losing the value of a good plan, your executive team can lose weeks every year drafting a 50-page behemoth that ends up gathering dust.

So what does a good plan look like? For starters, if you want it to be read and followed, it’s one page long. No, not 3 to 5 pages—ONE! And it starts by identifying target niche markets because that’s what the whole plan has to be about.

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Roxanne Emmerich
President and CEO

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