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Create a Top 100 Plan that Rocks

by | Strategic Planning

Create a “Top 100” plan for an extremely high level of giving and care for those prospects and clients who are most valuable. It’s your insurance policy to retain and grow business with top targets and to create referrals from those people.

Your “Top 100” contact plan should:

  • Provide value.
  • Be a top-of-mind GIVE plan.
  • Expand their knowledge of you—case studies, similar problems with solutions, etc.

Vary the communication approach: Personalized letters stand out. Hand-written cards, books, checklists, info pertaining to finance and other topics, templates, copies of articles, seminar invitations, and phone calls mixed into a variety approach should keep the person knowing you’re thinking of them. Always make sure the accompanying letters are signed personally and addressed to a specific person.

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