Improve Your Bank-Customer Relationship

What are your customers saying about you? Do they have brand awareness? Or do they have brand insistence?

You see, the degree to which you create a customer relationship with every customer at your bank is the degree to which you become their only banker that’s necessary. 

Now those words are easier said than done. And in fact, most banks have been trying to improve bank customer relationships for a very long time. But …

What Does It Take To Build A Relationship? 

How do you find out how to create a relationship with each customer so they feel uniquely spoken to?

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Build Up Your Bank’s Customer Loyalty

Quite a few decades ago, I remember going to bank CEO conferences and hearing this line uttered: “Our people are order takers, we’ve tried everything, we don’t seem to be able to break this problem.” 

Guess what? 

Well, now here we are two-three decades later. Yet, out of the 4000 or so banks that remain, most of them still haven’t figured out how to move into a relationship where they’ve built bank customer loyalty and own the entire customer relationship. 

This does not bode well for the remaining 4000 banks as we’re on our path down to 2000 banks.

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The Transactional To Transformational Model for Community Banks

Male banker sits at his office desk with open laptop computer, discussing interest rates with woman and man applying for loan.

The days of transactional banking are over. 

Yes, there was a day when the customers would walk into our lobbies. Yes, there was a day where they came looking for us. Yes, I remember those days, too. 

Those days are long gone 

And it was a rapid turn. Yes, the amount of traffic coming into our lobbies had been declining. But boy, when we closed the doors for COVID, that changed everything from transactional to transformational. And now we are in a transformational model instead.

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Why Bank Marketing Isn’t What It Used To Be

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. For many banks, it’s changing how you should be investing your marketing dollars and the strategies that you should be using. (more…)

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