Can You Retain And Win All Of Your Bank Account Holders’ Business?

Do you hold the entire relationship for every one of your bank account holders? 

I hope you do. But maybe you don’t. And maybe your people don’t know how to get effective cross-selling done.

If you’re not averaging five, six, or even seven cross-sales on every new relationship that is opened up in your bank, somethings just not right yet.  

And it doesn’t mean you have bad people. It just means they don’t know what to do for effective cross-selling. But they’re going to need to figure it out.

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The Transactional to Transformational Model for Community Banks

Male banker sits at his office desk with open laptop computer, discussing interest rates with woman and man applying for loan.

The days of transactional banking are over. 

Yes, there was a day when the customers would walk into our lobbies. Yes, there was a day where they came looking for us. Yes, I remember those days, too. 

Those days are long gone 

And it was a rapid turn. Yes, the amount of traffic coming into our lobbies had been declining. But boy, when we closed the doors for COVID, that changed everything from transactional to transformational.  And now we are in a transformational model instead. And those banks that hang on to their transactional model where they sit behind their desks cannot possibly compete in this world where the apps are stronger,

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What is a Bank Franchise System?

Find out the surprising things the franchise system of banking can do for your bank revenue.

What if you thought about your bank as a franchise? 

Seriously, any business should think of itself as a franchise system. And everything in your bank should be thought of as a system. And of all the bank franchise systems, the most important of those is the revenue system. 

Let’s face it.  Revenue solves lots of problems. 

But most banks really don’t have a revenue system. They have a lot of well-meaning people who work very,

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Merry Christmas [VIDEO]

Merry Christmas to you, your team, and your family.  At a time like this, we should stop and reflect on what this holiday is all about.  

It’s all about family, and we know it—because having the love and the ability to impact other people in the world and the ones that we brought into the world is a wonderful thing. 

But listen: Our family extends beyond the family that we’ve given birth to and the one we’re birthed into. We also have a family called our team. And a family called our community. 

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A State of Gratitude [VIDEO]

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for you. And I hope that you’re in a state of gratitude.


Gratitude is the filter with which we take in life. At every moment in time, things could be a whole lot worse. And that’s what gratitude is–seeing the good things. 

I constantly remind my team about when I was growing up milking cows, going to the barn in the morning when it was 20 degrees below zero with snow blowing sideways.  This set a bar that has been easy to rise above. Right now, no matter what I’m doing,

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How to Build a Top Performance Culture

How do you, as an executive, build a  performance culture that attracts top talent, retains top talent, and allows your bank to thrive? 

Top performance culture is easier said than done—but it can be done

You just have to know the magic performance culture formula that works for other banks and apply it within your bank for the same results. But finding that magic formula is the key. 

I’ve had the great honor of working with some of the most revered banks with the best cultures in this country.

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Mastering Team Selling at Your Bank

When I started as a lender, I got a briefcase, got in my car, and went up and down the street calling on folks hoping that they would bring their commercial and agricultural relationships to me.

Well, sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn’t. I thought I was doing the best thing possible because I watched what everybody else was doing. I did the same thing and got the same middle-of-the-road results.

I didn’t know then what we know now.

Harvard Business Review has a great article about how team selling outperforms individual selling by a truckload.

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Does Your Bank Have The Right Fundamental Sales Skills?

I wonder what the sales fundamentals are of banks that command premium pricing and achieve their loan growth goals. Are they different from other banks? 

You see, what we put into a system creates the outputs we pull out of that system. And sadly, many banks aren’t achieving their loan growth goals with the loan caliber, quality, and premium pricing they need because they don’t have the right sales strategies. 

The Right Fundamental Sales Strategies 

For me, “sales” is a negative word. And yet “sales” is simply helping people buy what they need in a way that never feels like they’re being sold to.

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The Wrong—And Right—Way To Go About Loan Growth

What if you’re going about loan growth in all the wrong ways?

Now, you’re probably not doing it all wrong. But there might be some ways that you could be doing it a whole lot better. That’s because all loan growth is not the same. The quality of the deals that you’re bringing in and the desirability of those deals—because of their creditworthiness and their willingness to pay premium pricing—matters a lot. And yes, strategically speaking, most banks are not addressing that correctly.

Everyone thinks all loans are the same in terms of quality

They think that if they walk into your office and say,

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