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A State of Gratitude [VIDEO]

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This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for you. And I hope that you’re in a state of gratitude.


Gratitude is the filter with which we take in life. At every moment in time, things could be a whole lot worse. And that’s what gratitude is–seeing the good things. 

I constantly remind my team about when I was growing up milking cows, going to the barn in the morning when it was 20 degrees below zero with snow blowing sideways.  This set a bar that has been easy to rise above. Right now, no matter what I’m doing, it never feels like work. I’m in a state of gratitude. My life is always better. 

Gratitude and Being Grateful

No matter where you are in life, be grateful for what you have. Because that gratitude brings joy.  And on this special holiday, one of the best ways to extend gratitude is to lift someone else up. 

Make a conscious plan today about who you’re deciding you’re going to make an impact on in the next two days, and get busy. Make a difference in their lives. We feel best about ourselves when we’re giving to others and shifting their lives. 

Be very intentional this Thanksgiving about making that difference. Choose your target, have some fun, and
Happy Thanksgiving.

– Roxanne Emmerich

I hope you’ll watch and share the video with my thanks and best wishes for your holiday.

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