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Does Your Bank Have The Right Fundamental Sales Skills?

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I wonder what the sales fundamentals are of banks that command premium pricing and achieve their loan growth goals. Are they different from other banks? 

You see, what we put into a system creates the outputs we pull out of that system. And sadly, many banks aren’t achieving their loan growth goals with the loan caliber, quality, and premium pricing they need because they don’t have the right sales strategies. 

The Right Fundamental Sales Strategies 

For me, “sales” is a negative word. And yet “sales” is simply helping people buy what they need in a way that never feels like they’re being sold to. And if it’s done correctly, it’s one of the noblest professions. You’re helping people accomplish what they need and filling a void for them that nobody else is filling. And you become a trusted adviser as a result. 

Now, most banks have been using the words “trusted advisor” for 10-20 years with really nothing to stand behind it. But there are some banks that have figured out how to bring extreme value to people and truly become their trusted advisors. 

Think about it. If customers make a buying decision about anything having to do with their financial world, and they tell you about it afterward, you are not their trusted advisor. And that means, when it comes to loans, you may be an afterthought. Because if you don’t own their entire commercial loan experience, you’re probably not going to own the entire relationship.

Learning the sales skills to own an entire customer relationship with all of its cross-sales is a bank sales strategy that the banks who remain independent will master and love. Fortunately, if you haven’t figured out how to get this done so far, there’s still time to change. 

You Have to Move Faster Than Your Competitors

The new game of banking involves achieving your loan growth goal with quality deals at premium pricing. And with a 90% close rate. That’s going to take some skills development, not just a little sales training course. You need new strategies and systems to make it happen. And you need to get and learn them before the other banks do.  

At the Loan Growth Mastery Event at the BEST BANKS IN AMERICA™ SUPER CONFERENCE in April in Naples, Florida, we will spend a full day with some of the best banks in America. They’ve accomplished miracles, going from the bottom to top quartiles, in fact, the top 5% in terms of loan growth, loan quality, and premium pricing—all of those numbers at the same time. You might want to figure out what they know. Won’t you join us and find out how to do it for your bank?

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Naples in April. I think the weather will be lovely—as will the loan growth strategies you won’t want to miss. 

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.


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