Body Language Magic

According to research by Ward-Green & Hill Associates, ninety-three percent of our insights are reached because of non-verbal communication. The human body can make over 700,000 different physical movements. If each one communicates a different message, what is your body language saying about you?

How are your environment, clothes, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and all other non-verbal factors helping to contribute to your success?

To have it work FOR you, avoid threatening gestures. Your inside controls your outside.

Check yourself. The following gestures can be perceived as threatening. Do you tend to do any of these?

  • point your fingers (single or double)
  • tilt your chin
  • move suddenly
  • cross your arms
  • cross your wrists and legs
  • tap your toes
  • swing your feet
  • drum your fingers

The innate nature of body language makes it one of the most difficult things to self-evaluate, so don’t hesitate to ask a colleague to help. What’s working FOR you? What’s working AGAINST you?

Consciously commit to change those things that work against you.

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