Why The “Hunter-Farmer” Approach Is Flawed And What You Should Do Instead

The “hunter and farmer” model of sales is so broken in most banks we see; it’s not even funny anymore…

There’s a long list of so-called-sales-trainers that have tried to get banks to train their way out of the problem, but all of that is like a Band-Aid® on cancer…

So today, let’s strike the root of the problem in sales:

Wrong people in the wrong seats.

See, when we hire salespeople, we’re looking at all the wrong measurements (and sadly, some aren’t looking further than a resume).

Eighty-percent of sales results are driven by emotional intelligence.

Yes, 80%!

So, if you could only focus on one thing to make a big improvement in sales, what do you think it should be…?

I’ve been inside banks reviewing their team’s emotional intelligence scores and discovered the people who should be the sales rock-stars (based on empirical measurement) are buried in operations, while the front-line salespeople don’t have the emotional intelligence scores that support their success in sales.

The problem you face is not knowing how your people score. Watch today’s video for more…

And, if you are not yet looking at the emotional intelligence scores for all of your team, it’s time to start. There is only one assessment that measures emotional intelligence and includes correlations to over 85 banking positions: The ZERORISK Profile.

For a limited time, and for qualified bank executives, we’re offering a free-trial of ZERORISK. Just call (952) 737-6730 and request your trial, and we’ll give you certificates for two ZERORISK Profiles, plus a complimentary ZERORISK Analysis to help you understand your results.



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