Why The “Hunter-Farmer” Approach Is Flawed And What You Should Do Instead

The “hunter and farmer” model of sales is so broken in most banks we see; it’s not even funny anymore…

There’s a long list of so-called-sales-trainers that have tried to get banks to train their way out of the problem, but all of that is like a Band-Aid® on cancer…

So today, let’s strike the root of the problem in sales:

Wrong people in the wrong seats.

See, when we hire salespeople, we’re looking at all the wrong measurements (and sadly, some aren’t looking further than a resume).

Eighty-percent of sales results are driven by emotional intelligence.

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STOP! Motivating Bank Employees is a Waste of Time

You’re in luck…

At conference, after conference, after conference, when I speak to audiences of bank executives the talk lately has been “culture, culture, culture.”

Much ado about culture…why?

There’s good reason. Culture is proven to be the leading predictor of YOUR future growth and profitability.

Read that again…


Take that in for a moment.

That’s a scary statement for most bankers, heck for most business leaders anywhere. Most think culture is this touchy-feely,

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Recruiting Your Next Superstar

If you want great employees, you must become a great recruiter. Most ads are written for people who are looking for jobs. The best candidates, however, already have good jobs.

People don’t move for a job that feels the same.

So, follow these five rules to attract extraordinary performers.


At least half of your ad copy should be geared toward what you want the person to accomplish. Write this in exciting copy, and you will attract people who want to accomplish great things. Better yet,

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What to Do if You’ve Tried Sales Training and Still Don’t See Results


What if you’ve put together a great incentive program…and it’s not working?

What if you’ve had phenomenal sales training…and that’s not working?

Perhaps you’re solving the wrong problem.

If fact, research shows that emotional intelligence has more to do with sales results than anything else. And, knowing what it is that most matters about emotional intelligence can create a transformation in your sales results.

In fact, 80 percent of sales results are impacted by and driven by emotional intelligence.

So, how do you start to understand the emotional intelligence of your people?

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