How to Get The Right Players in the Right Seats

I believe that quality loan growth is one of the top three drivers of sustainable profitability for banks.

In this session, I’m going to show you how you can increase your productivity per lender by 30-40% or more within 12 months by restructuring your lending department.

If you think your team is kicking butt and taking names in securing quality loans at premium pricing. You’re sure it’s because of your team’s execution of a predictable success system and not driven by the competition’s recent mistakes or the economy, you have a great foundation in place. You’ll love this series because it will show you how to get even more traction within weeks.

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7 Reasons Low-Performing Banks Stay in the Pits

Most banks focus on what they should do. That’s a good thing. But too few seriously evaluate what they are currently doing that has to stop. Awareness of the common characteristics of low-performing banks can keep you from falling victim to any of these practices before you join the group.

Let’s start with the first four:

1. Keeping Employees Who Have Quit—But Still Come to Work

A massive study by the Corporate Executive Board of 50,000 employees proves that employees who are “true believers”—who value, enjoy, and believe in what they do—displayed 57 percent more discretionary effort and were 87 percent less likely to pull up stakes.

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Putting Culture First—Where it Belongs

If I had a nickel for every call I’ve received over the years that went like, “Well, we spent about $250,000 on sales training. It helped for a month or two, but to be honest, we didn’t receive any return on investment,” I could bail out the financial sector myself with enough left over for pizza. (more…)

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