You deserve to get paid what you are really worth


  I believe you deserve to get paid what you are really worth and never worry again about matching the discounted rates from your competition. Watch this video if you are the kind of leader who:

  • Feels strongly that you just can´t follow the herd any more
  • Has lenders who don´t believe in premium pricing
  • Are about to give up, because it seems like you are swimming against the tide

Watch this video now…

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Community banks deserve to get paid more…


You deserve to get paid more.

You deserve to get out of the crazy rate-matching game that can’t end well for anyone.

The truth is, you can get paid a premium—an above market rate—by good, A+ quality clients, but you won’t get there doing the same thing you’ve been doing.

Watch this video to discover the three secrets to getting premium pricing, and getting it soon—in the next few weeks—so that you can stop feeling stuck in rate competition with competitors willing work work for less than you deserve…

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STOP! Motivating Bank Employees is a Waste of Time

You’re in luck…

At conference, after conference, after conference, when I speak to audiences of bank executives the talk lately has been “culture, culture, culture.”

Much ado about culture…why?

There’s good reason. Culture is proven to be the leading predictor of YOUR future growth and profitability.

Read that again…


Take that in for a moment.

That’s a scary statement for most bankers, heck for most business leaders anywhere. Most think culture is this touchy-feely,

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This ONE Step Stops “Rate Shoppers”

Have you seen the latest study showing that community bank customers rank rate and price as the #1 criteria for choosing their bank?


Me neither…because it doesn’t exist…

Yet, the “myth” that price is the paramount concern for your customers runs rampant inside community bank sales teams.

The real research shows that price is only 5th on the list of considerations for most customers…

So why then do they ask for your rate, before asking anything else…?

Simple. If they’re asking that question, your prospects know no other way to tell your bank from another.

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