Who Made Up THAT Rule? [VIDEO]

Everyone has patterns of disbelief.

Some people believe that in politics, there is one side or the other, and they’re unwilling to look at the alternative. Still others believe that the moon is made of cheese.

You may have a belief system that’s true. You may have a belief system that’s not true. And the question that we have to look at as executive is, “what has to be true for us to challenge what we believe to be true?”

You see, there are many beliefs within our industry right now,

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Are Desirable Prospects Hard to Get?

I believe that the most desirable customers, based on traditional methods, can be the hardest to convince to change banking relationships. Watch this video to discover a powerful alternative.

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How to Create a Referral Machine

I believe that an organization’s profits matches the profits of their clientele. Watch this video now to discover how to find lower risk, lower hassle clients who are willing to pay premium pricing.

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How to Get A+ Quality Loans to Come to You

I believe people operate out of their “world view” and fairly committed to their “belief systems.” In this video, I share with you important tips to get your team to believe that getting more A+ credits can be done. Enjoy the video.

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Differentiation: How to Drive A+ Quality Credits to Your Door

I believe that quality people love quality attention. Discover how to transform your safety and profitability for your bank. Watch this video now.

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How to Master the Basics to Transform Deposit Growth

I believe humans can take easy things and make them much harder than they need to be. In this video, you will discover how to get more deposits quickly.

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Getting Sticky Deposits Without Having to Mention Pricing

I believe that when people trust you, they bring all their business to you. In this episode, you will discover how you can get more low-cost deposits quickly. Watch this video now.

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How to Find Your Next Top 100 Clients

I believe it makes sense to fish in the fishing hole and not the whole lake. In this episode, you will discover how to find your most desirable customers, the kind that will give you low-cost funds.

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5 Keys to Unlock a Profit-Rich Commercial Loan Strategy

Improving the commercial loan portfolio means bringing in high-quality business customers who are in growth mode or who have some other financing needs—while minding the good loans that you already have. It’s just that simple. But, unfortunately, many banks (perhaps yours) are dead wrong with their strategy for bringing in commercial loans.

Have you ever had a day where you left exhausted, but felt like you didn’t do any of the things “on your list”? Unfortunately, some people have entire careers like that.

The problem is they don’t understand “behavioral economics.”

The point is if you are wasting time working with 50 different prospects…

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