How to Create “Tell Everybody in Town” Customer Service Experiences


I believe people love to have positive attention lavished on them.


In this episode, I’m going to show you how to take your already good customer experience and turn it into an experience your customers can’t help but talk about.


If you’re the kind of leader who is frustrated by the lack of consistently “over-the-top” customer service in your bank—where most of your customer encounters are fairly good, but not all of them—and you’re not hearing “wows” pouring in daily, then you’re going to love discovering how you can transform it quickly and permanently.

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4 Secret Strategies of The Most Successful Banks in America

#1. Culture trumps strategy.

Hundreds of studies now show that culture is the leading predictor of future growth and profitability.

The Gallup Organization found the increase in earnings per share for companies in the top quartile that have high employee engagement (a measure of culture) to be 2.6 times. Amazing!

Unfortunately, there is a false belief in banking that culture means sales training, goals, and incentive pay. Dead wrong. Culture is the mood. Motivation is a racket because it depends on others catering to an employee’s every need. Inspiration is what you want—that’s intrinsic.

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