Profitable Bank Differentiation: How Top Banks Rise Above the Rest

Colorful hot air balloon rises while several others remain grounded, visual metaphor for bank differentiation.

This last year was brutal for NIM compression at most community banks. And yet it was understandable, and it reconciled with some nice PPP fee income that drove up the profits of many banks.

However, bank boards are now more than a little concerned. Since fee income from PPP won’t be there in 2022, they are wondering how you intend to bump NIM back up without sacrificing loan quality or growth.

Why has it been such a struggle for thousands of banks to figure out how to end the “we can do this deal as long as we match the rate” conversation that has been going on for…well… decades?

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5 Ways to Command Higher Pricing without Losing the Deal

Here Are Five Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line and Customer Satisfaction


1) Bundle your products so there are no apple to apple comparisons: “Our 7-year mortgage program happens to come with free checking, free bill pay, free Internet banking, a free debit card AND a line of credit that will cover overdrafts at a reduced rate of $____ if you sign up for this package prior to closing.”


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