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Expecting and Getting More from Your People

by | Managing Employees

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A young woman came to me after a Kick-Off session recently and said, with tears in her eyes, “I took this job because I had to. Now, after tonight, I WANT to be here.” What changed? She simply saw that the expectations were higher and the dysfunctional behaviors were called just that, and now they all had permission not to allow any of those behaviors ever again.

It is hard to work around self-consumed people. When they see people bash other departments, whining about what the company didn’t do for them, talking more about making sure they get their vacation time more than focusing on making priorities happen and putting procedures in place…they quickly lose their passion for being extraordinary. When they see “low vibration behavior” isn’t tolerated, and it is every person’s job to make sure it’s not allowed, they breathe deeply for the first time in months.

As a leader, you are called to expect more from people. Do not tolerate even the “smallest” amount of back-stabbing or whining. You are in command of the culture, and nothing will destroy the passion to be extraordinary faster than allowing people to live in a world of victims, telling their “stories and excuses” of why they can’t do things, why they miss deadlines, and other pot-stirring and negativity. If you, as a leader, assume that it is just a part of the work world…you will be right. You don’t want to be right on this one!

Be a vigilante on a mission to clean up the dysfunctional behaviors. The tears will be tears of joy for those who remain!

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