What IF it didn’t Need to Be So Hard

Chasing your tail is never a flattering or productive exercise. Most executives are exhausted by the constant need to “run” the business. Can you relate?

Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited talks about something that can make your life easy — The Franchise Prototype.

Think McDonald’s. Think Starbucks. Think UPS.

Successful businesses create impenetrable systems –“the system runs the business, and the people run the system.”

Every possible problem, obstacle, delay, or roadblock that could stop you in your tracks is worked out before you bring it to the masses. The model of success is created and then proliferated.

By creating such a system, you’ve ironed out the kinks, so that whatever task, project, or position follows a clear and defined formula for success. Bingo. You’re never again held hostage by an employee with an attitude who holds all the cards about how to do that job. Newer employees can start and win immediately because they simply follow the template.

The idea is to create a system whereby you can hit the ground running because you’re provided with the ways to win.

How do you make your life easy? Start with some areas of concern in your business. Identify the end result. Then, work backward. List the last step that should be done in great detail. Attach scripts, letter templates, or backup for that step. Then, move to the second-to-last step. Now, keep going. Write it all on one paper. Then, expect those who are to follow the system to… you’ve got it… follow the system.

Create procedures, checklists, and templates for everything. Take an hour each week and work on the systems. Have each employee do their systems and run them by a team to make sure the systems are understandable and complete.

Life isn’t hard. It’s the reliving of the same parts of life over and over again that tax us. Decide to go in the “flow” and start NOW.

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