How to Stop “Running” Your Bank and Start Growing It

Ever feel like you’re so busy “running” your bank that you have no time to improve and grow your bank?

What if it was so efficient that you actually had time to create strategies and see that they are implemented correctly?

This is your chance to make it happen.  It’s strategic planning time, and you need to connect your plan to the systems for getting all those results you want…to the accountabilities you’ll need, so your people know exactly how to deliver their piece of the plan every day.

You need to focus your time on managing the systems you put in place rather than actually performing the daily activities within your bank.

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You Are Cordially Invited: The Power of Truly Targeted Marketing

Fortune cookies and horoscopes are miracles of marketing. They predict something that happens to almost everyone every day (“You will meet someone new”) and somehow make you feel like it was written just for you.

Well, sometimes. That worked a lot better when I was ten. Nowadays, I’m not likely to be impressed unless every Sagittarius on Earth is run over by a guy named Keith on the same Tuesday afternoon.

On a personal level, I’d like to see a fortune cookie that starts, “Hey Roxanne! Gorgeous blouse.” I’d look down (“How did it know?!”) and then keep reading.

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What IF it didn’t Need to Be So Hard

Chasing your tail is never a flattering or productive exercise. Most executives are exhausted by the constant need to “run” the business. Can you relate?

Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited talks about something that can make your life easy — The Franchise Prototype.

Think McDonald’s. Think Starbucks. Think UPS.

Successful businesses create impenetrable systems –“the system runs the business, and the people run the system.”

Every possible problem, obstacle, delay, or roadblock that could stop you in your tracks is worked out before you bring it to the masses. The model of success is created and then proliferated.

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