10 Steps to Implement a New Policy or Procedure

If you want to excel, you must excel at the implementation of every policy and procedure you roll out. Here is a 10-step template to make ensure each implementation rocks.

  1. Help every person “feel the pain.”
    Make sure people experience the pain of not fixing the problem, so they are engaged in fixing it.
  2. Hold a “brainstorm solutions” meeting
    Engage your people in coming up with solutions.
  3. Develop a procedure
  4. Top person tests the procedure
    Someone with a big picture outlook must test the procedure to make sure it optimizes all the strategies.
  5. Measure the results of the new procedure
    If it isn’t working right away, time to go back to step 2 and revamp.
  6. Document the procedure step by step
    Write out the results, activities, scripts, and procedures with so much detail a monkey could perform them meticulously.
  7. Roleplay or show
    It’s time to practice consistency. You can do this live, or, if you are too large, a recording of a master following the procedure will work. Regardless, each person should have a chance to practice.
  8. Go back to another brainstorming session on how to improve
  9. Monitor procedure for consistency
    Combine weekly monitoring with a mega amount of feedback and coaching. Forget monthly monitoring. It just won’t work.
  10. Measure and reward the outcome
    Turn up the hoopla. The more you make a big deal out of the results, the more results you get. Make sure your celebrations are visible and impressive. Although people like money, they want personal recognition even more. You may combine the two, but the second is non-negotiable.

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