Is this addiction killing your bank’s profit?

It creeps up on you…usually in a moment of desperation.

A prospect comes in and says “So and so bank down the street offered rate X.  If you can get me a loan at a rate that is half a percent lower, then you have my business.”

Now you feel trapped.  You want to close this deal, but you know if you lower your rate, the deal won’t be profitable…but you know if you don’t lower your rate, the prospect walk out the door and down the street to do business with your competitor—and then it happens…

You lower your rate to “buy the business.”

The temptation to rate match has become an epidemic in community banks across the country.  It’s an addiction that’s eating away at your profits and if left untreated—will put some banks out of business.

So how do you kick this habit?

Well—the answer is simple…but not easy. You need to demonstrate to the customer that you are worth more than your competitors.

At this point you are probably thinking “Okay, but how do I do this, we’re offering basically the same thing they offer?”

To help you get started, I’ve created a short video where I reveal the key factors that you need to focus on in order to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Before you watch the video you’ll want to also grab a copy of the new white paper I just released on Creating Level 4 USPs, it will be helpful to refer to it while you watch the video.

In this new white paper I share:

  • How to command Brand Insistence
  • Why you MUST turn your current ‘Customers’ into Clients
  • How to makeover your mindset
  • How to bring extreme value to your clients using level 4 USPs
  • Why you need to change the numbers you’ve been measuring



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