Why Average Sales People Stay Average and How to Get More Out of Them

What does your job description say for your lenders…?

Let me guess; an HR wordsmithed version of “get loans” …

The problem is, you don’t want loans, you want to profit.

Your superstars get this, and that’s why they excel. But your good, but not yet great, salespeople may not connect all the dots.

And a big part of the disconnect is in your job descriptions. The truth is job descriptions are a joke. They enable your employees to think (and sometimes say) “it’s not in my job description”…hogwash!

In today’s video, discover the “JPPP” secret to turning your good producers into great producers.



But before you watch it, you might just want to grab a new tool we just released…

It’s called the Team Selling Checklist, and it’s for community banks who are making the shift to “team selling” (and you should).

Just don’t do it without reading this first (if you’re already heading down that road, you’ll absolutely want to grab it)…

Inside this 14 point checklist, you’ll discover:

=> The secret “emotional intelligence” profile your team leader must possess (and the profile that will destroy your team if you put THAT person in charge).

=> What 3 things you must do to give your team an “unfair advantage” over the competition…do this and your team will be unstoppable!

=> When to involve your executives to win BIG DEALS.

=> The secret to structuring your team…mess this up, and you’ll REPEL clients, kill cross-sales and lose your best people…

Now, here’s today’s video…



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