The Three Can’t–Miss Pieces of a Functional Strategic Plan

Yes…it’s true.

It’s time once again to create a strategic plan for next year.

It’s time to create that ‘master plan’ that will make next year your BEST YEAR EVER.

If you just sighed or rolled your eyes, then you’re one of the many community bankers that have suffered through strategic planning year after year only to see the plan forgotten, ignored, or poorly implemented.

Many banks with well-meaning, talented people fail to successfully create and implement a strategic plan that produces the desired results.

So what is causing these plans to fall through the cracks?

Truth is—there are a number of reasons and every bank is different.

BUT there are 3 crucial pieces to a functional strategic plan that almost ALL bankers miss.

Watch this short video I’ve put together to discover what today’s bankers are missing when it comes to strategic planning.

This video gives you very high-level information that will help you create a strategic plan that works IF implemented correctly.

Unfortunately, implementation is where most banks run into trouble.  For banker’s that are serious about creating a bullet-proof strategic plan for next year, I’ve put together a little something extra.

After watching today’s video, download my FREE On-Demand Audio Training where I reveal the Strategic Planning Secrets of the Most Successful Community Banks in America.

On this exclusive audio training you’ll discover:

  • Three ways the regulators will dissect your plan, plus, how to know now if your plan will measure up
  • Why almost every bank misses the mark with their mission and vision statements.
  • How to “diagnose” your current plan and what to do to fix it, to ensure completion of all plan elements next year.
  •  What to do when your progress stalls. (Note: This little secret could be what saves your year next year.)
  • A “blueprint” for an effective strategic plan.

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