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Improve Your Bank-Customer Relationship

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What are your customers saying about you? Do they have brand awareness? Or do they have brand insistence?

You see, the degree to which you create a customer relationship with every customer at your bank is the degree to which you become their only banker that’s necessary. 

Now those words are easier said than done. And in fact, most banks have been trying to improve bank customer relationships for a very long time. But …

What Does It Take To Build A Relationship? 

How do you find out how to create a relationship with each customer so they feel uniquely spoken to? So they don’t feel like they’re a commodity in this world where so much of banking has become commoditized?

Well, it may sound difficult, but it’s not impossible. But your people are going to need new skills. Sadly, most bankers are just not equipped with the skill sets they need to have customer conversations that really matter for building solid relationships.  

Every Customer Wants To Have A Relationship

They want a relationship with someone who is guiding them on their financial decisions. Someone who helps them through the difficult times and celebrates the good times. Someone who prepares them for retirement by making sure that their financial freedom account has money going into it on a regular basis. Someone who is helping them anticipate a situation and be ready for it. 

That’s the kind of bank relationship that people want. Sadly, that’s not what they get.

Most banks still offer transactional as opposed to transformational banking

Why? Because their people don’t know how to do anything else.  My question for you: Do your people really know how to have the kind of conversation whereby a customer feels like your people are the only financial advisors that will be necessary in their life? And if you said “Yes,” let me ask you one more question: Really? 

Getting this right matters. Those who don’t hang onto the entire bank customer experience right now are very vulnerable to losing their financial independence. That’s because there’s a crazy amount of pricing competitiveness happening in the loan area. And at some point, people will be screaming for deposits again. We’ve been through these cycles before, and even though we’re flushing deposits right now, you better believe it’s going to happen again.

Become The Only Bank That Your Customer Ever Needs

But do it consciously and don’t just give it lip service. Decide today to make a plan to make sure 2022 is your year where you pull ahead of all your competitors—with brand insistence, not just awareness, built from your strong bank-customer relationship.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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