Don’t Let Your Customers Have “Frightening” Customer Service Experiences

Are your employees scaring your customers away because of their “ghoulish” service?

Do your team members know how to convert someone asking for a rate into a client delighted to pay premium pricing and immediately bringing all their accounts?

Most banks know they should mystery shop, and almost all the good ones currently do. But when it comes to getting the benefits out of that shopping—catchy sneaker slogans aside—“Just Do It” isn’t going to cut it. You’ve got to do it well. Unfortunately, even those banks making the effort to shop generally aren’t doing it right and in the process, they waste thousands of dollars in mystery shopping budget, and worse yet, millions of dollars of bottom-line impact.

It’s about more than just smiling and answering the phone in three rings… it’s about seizing a unique opportunity to teach employees how to stop a caller in their tracks from shopping around and then bringing all their business to your bank.

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