Who Motivates the Motivator?

Passion is the driving force behind motivation. Your job as a leader is to exude that passion for your team. Stay in the spirit of celebration. Be as if.

To inspire and lead, you must keep yourself in the zone. How?

  1. Take time to reflect. Take time to reflect on what is happening in your life. Know what you want to do and be. The Energizer Bunny doesn’t win the awards—the focused person who is clear and passionate about a mission enrolls the hearts of those who support that mission. If you have a “doer” personality and you NEED to take the hill, any hill will do. Move from “doing” to “being.”
  2. Vision it possible. There is undeniable power in thinking big. Choose beliefs and behaviors that will help accomplish that vision. Ask yourself these two questions:
    • What do you want?
    • What ARE you doing NOT to get it?

    Then be honest and make the necessary changes.

  3. Commit to personal growth. The only way to grow your impact is by growing yourself. Growth is accomplished by being outside of your comfort zone. Become comfortable with being embarrassed about what you did yesterday. That means you’re growing.
  4. Renew at home. As mentioned above, you should never have to sacrifice friendships and family relationships to be a leader. In fact, when you spend quality time with a great conversation at home, work works better too.
  5. Learn from other leaders. Don’t just read—observe. Find role models and mentors worthy of your attention and then do what they do. Be in a state of growth, and you’ll lead with inspiration.

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