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Unleash Your Bank’s Full Sales Potential with a Proven Accountability and Visibility System [VIDEO]

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I believe that most people working in banks perform at a fraction of their potential.


In this session, I will show you how your people (like many bankers before them who couldn’t but now do) can average 6–7+ cross-sales and ALL the deposits in a way that never feels sales-y.

If you’re the kind of leader:

Who has been preaching to your people that you want all the deposits and all the cross sales, but you feel it isn’t getting better fast enough, stay with me.

Or, if you have some people who are still “order taking” and losing the opportunity to do business with many of the rate inquiries who would have turned into your customer IF your person handling the inquiry knew a system that would actually make that happen, stick around. I have your back.

Or, maybe you’ve got this. Your people are not matching rate and you’re fairly certain that no deals are falling between the cracks, stick around. We’ll talk about how you can know that for sure.

Maybe you have one of these obstacles.

Most banks have been doing internal or external sales training for years. They never accomplished the cultural transformation that created a sales culture with the sales accountability to keep a flow of low-cost deposits flowing. Now, after all that money and time, when they’re really truthful, they’ve realized that it just isn’t working when they see other banks are now averaging over 6–7 cross-sales and mastering attracting large low-cost deposits away from competitors. They know they can’t give up, but they just can’t have another false attempt because the team is now doing the “slow walk” thinking management will soon give up.

Still others are finding that most sales training is, well… sales-y. That simply doesn’t belong in community banks or any bank.

Also, many bankers lack the skill to be a trusted advisor. They do have the product knowledge but don’t know how to bring the type of extreme value necessary to be that person’s trusted advisor. Most importantly, they lack skills and confidence, but it’s not their fault—there just hasn’t been sound advice and a good system that helps them win.

One 30-year bank executive told me recently, when finishing a course in the Trusted Advisor certification, that he really had no idea that he had no idea how to be a trusted advisor until he discovered the right skills. He started pulling in seven-figure checking accounts immediately once he knew.

EVERY bank faces at least one of these challenges—join the club. Now let’s work together to knock the issues down one at a time.

I’m now going to give you three steps to build an accountability-focused sales culture system based on a sales education that works AND that your people will love. One bank president who had been a teller just four years before she learned this system told me last week, “I just feel like I’m making an incredible difference in people’s lives. My daughter said,  “mom, you really love your job, don’t you.”

THAT is how the right sales approach should feel. The customer wins. The bank wins. The team member wins.

Let’s crack these steps so you start getting some results within a few weeks.

Step 1: Build the right revenue system.  Have you ever heard a bank executive tell you that sales training’s impact doubled or tripled cross-sales and grew non-interest-bearing deposits by a dramatic amount?  As they say,  “said no banker EVER.”  It’s not about sales training. It’s about a system with intentional congruence between organizational development systems, performance culture systems, the right sales system that no sales training company ever seems to know.  All this is tied together with a blended learning program with ever-increasing expectations with accountability that builds them up—not shreds their confidence. You’ve seen how most banks lose about 1/3 of their team when they start traditional sales training so you know that is “a thing.”

Step 2: UNLIKE so many false-attempt sales trainings,  you have to get your people to come from their heart space—a place of extreme care for the future success of each customer.  With that as a base, they can then learn to ask questions in the order of how people like to buy what they need. It’s about purposeful help—not sales.

Until they get the impact that what they are really doing is:

saving marriages from divorce due to fighting over money

helping people retire with ease peace of mind

guiding businesses to sound fiscal management

…they will always feel like it is sales-y and the client will feel it too.

Step 3: Create an ever-increasing accountability and visibility system. Most sales programs end up causing at least a third of the team members to run for the hills. That’s completely unnecessary and very unproductive.

The problem is that sales training must be integrated with a true understanding of cultural transformation at a deep level where people are learning how to be—holding each other accountable, celebrating success and learning to “live their word. ” Understanding that their promises and commitments are how they reveal their character.

The key is that every day and every week, as the blended learning of online, offline, coaching and practicing happens integrated with a management system and “stage appropriate” accountability, a predictable weekly improvement is imminent. Remember, you don’t have a sales training issue—you have a confidence issue.

Again, three steps to a solid foundation of community bank sales culture transformation:

Step 1: Ongoing cultural transformation with extreme integration.

Step 2: Get team members “at cause” to bring extreme value from transactional to transformational.

Step 3: Develop a progressive accountability and visibility system that builds confidence.

By doing this, you can sleep at night knowing your well-educated team can “connect” with prospects and customers effectively — attracting all the deposits you need CONSISTENTLY—regardless of what the economy or your desperate competitors do.

What if I told you that you can easily hold on to your best customers AND snatch the best customers from your competitors – WITHOUT even discussing ratesDive into the proven blueprint that turns skeptics into believers at the 2nd Annual Deposit Mastery Conference: Deposit Domination Deep Dive this June!  Register here

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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