High Performance Accountability Secret [VIDEO]

I just did a seminar today where I asked people, “What’s your biggest challenge?” “Accountability” always seems to be number one whenever that question is asked. No matter the bank—it seems to be universal.

Video: High-Performance Accountability Secret

There is one key concept often missed regardless of what level you’re at on that continuum of accountability. Maybe you’re just introducing it. Or maybe they don’t know what they’re responsible for or how to do it. Or maybe your managers don’t know how to call them accountable.

But the key concept—the ultimate kind of accountability, is the one where everyone on the team holds each other to the standards of the organization–to to the customer service standards, the values, the behaviors, the deadlines, the outcomes… without managers having to say a word.

That’s the ultimate in creating a sustainable culture of accountability.

Accountability isn’t about receiving a performance review at the end of the year and just telling each person how they’re doing then.

Instead, it’s about everyone in the organization knowing how they tie to profit, knowing what needs to be done in the organization and holding each other accountable by “calling it tight” daily.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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