The Elite Bank Performance Blueprint [VIDEO]

Let’s think through profitability for a second. Profitability has different meanings to different people because profitability by itself doesn’t mean much. When I first wrote the Profit-Growth Banking book before the last recession, I talked about how I’m not impressed by banks that grow fast. I’m not impressed by banks that are profitable.

Video: The Elite Bank Performance Blueprint

I am impressed by banks which do both together consistently and are not rattled during difficult times because their “franchise systems” create great results regardless of economic downturns.

In my newly released book, The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint, I proclaimed a new theory that’s more advanced.

I always say I live every day to be embarrassed by the work I did the previous week because I’ve learned so much more in that week.

Well… I never seem to amaze myself with how embarrassed I can be by my past work. So, here’s my update.

Now there is a third leg on the stool that must also be exemplary—consistent growth and profit improvement while portfolio quality also goes up!

We must not be delusional that we are getting “premium pricing” when, in fact, we’re actually simply getting paid more for risk.

Incidentally, can you ever get paid enough for risk?

Profitably with safety and growth at the same time means that your revenue franchise system is functioning correctly and that your team members are working the system with extreme attention to exactness in their execution.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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