Just say NO to Strategic Planning Land Mines

Is your strategic plan the right plan—and one that can and will get completed?

If you’re like most bankers, you probably pulled your strategic plan together eight or nine months ago. But is everyone in the bank on a weekly process to make sure they all hit the outcomes?

You are hearing everywhere that those who run their banks like they ran them five years ago won’t make it in the not-so-distant future. Heck, based on the news reports over the past year, they may no longer be in business.

The same goes for the strategic planning process.

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Is It Over Yet?


We’ve all been in those meetings…

Everyone saunters into the room, they sit down, pull out pen and paper…

…and, the agony begins.

Conversations run in circles, the clock seems to almost standstill, and an hour later, everyone leaves the room having accomplished nothing.

Benjamin Franklin said it best:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Taking extra time to create a focused, actionable agenda is the only way to run efficient meetings that create results.

In today’s video, you’ll discover how to run a super successful—and efficient—sales meeting…

A new case study reveals how a small Ohio bank is beating the big banks,

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A Simple Rule that Assures You Win the Deal 94% of the Time

Research shows that the salesperson who presents last is guaranteed the sale 94 percent of the time. That said, the mark of a good salesperson is not ‘wheeling and dealing’ but rather mastering how to secure this profitable position. (more…)

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The Top 24 Words That Sell

In order, these are the most compelling words that cause people to buy. Make sure your sales letters and presentations are filled with them.


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The Proven Formula for Sales Meetings that Create Results

Is there anything worse than a bad meeting? Anything? Fine, yes, world hunger, soul-crushing poverty, and violence in the Middle East. But in the midst of a truly bad meeting, it’s easy to convince yourself that all of those problems will be distant memories before the meeting EVER ENDS. (more…)

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