Increasing Productivity and Accountability in the Midst of Chaos [VIDEO]

Challenging times require that people understand exactly how they tie to profit and they know how to do it on a daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly basis. When you are communicating with your team members, it’s never been more important to keep them out of busy work and keep them into the right productive work. And let me assure you, many times they are confused.

Video: Increasing Productivity and Accountability in the Midst of Chaos

There’s a reason why top 1% performers are top 1% performers. They take different actions every single day. They understand the franchise system of their job and they know how they best tie to profit. Having visibility of that and accountability to that in a way that’s not frightening, but supportive, is very important. Using your weekly one-on-one processes, making sure that your people are being communicated with about that, and making sure that they’re taking responsibility to appropriately communicate completely exactly where they’re at on those actions and also how they’re doing in terms of their numbers is really important during difficult times. Now is a time for complete alignment to what matters. Listen, we’re all going to be better at the end of this. Times like this require us to bring a higher and better self to work every single day. What an opportunity.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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