The Real Question Is, Can You Afford Not To? [VIDEO]

A dear friend asked me a question one time, “Oh really, can you afford not to?”

And I thought that was one of the most brilliant questions I’ve ever heard.

Let me pose it to you this way.

Can you afford not to figure out how to increase your net interest margin by 100 basis points while bringing down your cost of funds and bringing up the quality of the loans you’re making?

Can you afford not to invest deeply in the people who you have on your team to move them from being transactional bankers to transformational bankers?

Can you afford not to build a system such that your marketing and your sales ties together so that you can close those top 100 next best prospects at premium pricing with an 85% close rate or above?

Seriously, can you afford not to, when 50-140% of your profits come from that top 100 list of your most profitable customers?

The true question that we need to ask ourselves as executives is, “Can we afford not to?” And can we break loose of the old belief system that we’ve had for a long time that certain things can’t be done?

During challenging times, the things that “couldn’t be done” in the past must be done now. So, step up and ask yourself this question: “Can I afford not to?”

To your success,

Roxanne Emmerich

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