Loan Growth Strategies for 2022: Insights for a Post-PPP World

Overhead view of one open, yellow umbrella surrounded by open, black umbrellas, illustrating differentiation as growth strategy.

It’s unprecedented. In talking with a few dozen CEOs these last two weeks, almost all used the exact same words… 

“I’m very concerned about 2022. How are we going to replace the income from PPP and the other programs?


  • “We’re making new loans… but the payoffs are killing us.”
  • “The competitors have gone mad with their low-ball offers—how do we compete against that?”
  • The Fed was telling us that interest rates are going to stay low for at least a year,

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Breakthrough Banking Blueprint Shows You The Best Way [VIDEO]

When I first left day-to-day banking to start this business, my first client was voted every year as the country’s top franchise.

Although I did their management development curriculum and educated their people about how to run that business, one of the things that I’m sure is true is that I learned more from them than they learned from me. I learned the concept of franchise thinking.

How do you do AB split testing to find out the best way to do things?

What’s the best way to hire a lender?

What is the best way to identify your next best customers?

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Who Made Up THAT Rule? [VIDEO]

Everyone has patterns of disbelief.

Some people believe that in politics, there is one side or the other, and they’re unwilling to look at the alternative. Still others believe that the moon is made of cheese.

You may have a belief system that’s true. You may have a belief system that’s not true. And the question that we have to look at as executive is, “what has to be true for us to challenge what we believe to be true?”

You see, there are many beliefs within our industry right now,

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The Elite Bank Performance Blueprint [VIDEO]

Let’s think through profitability for a second. Profitability has different meanings to different people because profitability by itself doesn’t mean much. When I first wrote the Profit-Growth Banking book before the last recession, I talked about how I’m not impressed by banks that grow fast. I’m not impressed by banks that are profitable.


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