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Loan demand has dried up. Boy, those are words you never want to hear. Not just because you don’t want to hear that there isn’t as much demand for loans, but when your people actually think that the only reason that they’re producing loans is because there is a demand. In other words, they walk in for it. Now you know you’ve got a real problem because people don’t understand that loan demand is created—because there’s always the opportunity to be of service to people.

Video: An Oasis of Loan Growth…

Now, at a time when the doors are closed and businesses aren’t necessarily welcoming sales calls, it’s a tricky time to figure out how we’re going to get this done, but it’s a very important time to get this done. Because now is the time when you add lots of value to these prospect’s lives. You can easily win over their business at a time when maybe they wouldn’t have come in the past, so it creates a great opportunity.

The words “loan demand has dried up” specifically tells you that people think their job is to sit behind a desk and wait for the phone to ring. Let me assure you we’re living in a different world. Our world is now out there. Our world is now to go create out there the loan demand by bringing extreme value and being proactive in the content that we’re bringing to people.

There was a time where we had a very unique industry, where people would walk into our doors and do business with us. Now, we’re shifting into a world, just like many industries, where nobody walks in and we have to go out and hoof it for everything that we do. But this will bring more character possibilities, more growth possibilities, and so when we see this as an opportunity and seize the day on the opportunities, we will never look back and say “loan growth has dried up.” We will instead say “we make loan growth happen.”


– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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