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Rockefeller taught his kids, “Learn marketing and sales, and you will never go hungry.” No more brilliant words were ever said. Even during the Great Depression, those who focused on revenue were the ones who survived and thrived. Those who were in sales and marketing were the ones that survived and thrived. So think about your bank as not being a bank anymore, but instead, a sales and marketing company that happens to be in the industry of financial services. There you have it.

Video: Is Your Loan Growth Strategy Updated for 2021?

Okay. Now we have that concept. Now that’s all great in theory, but how do we go get this done? Because get it done we must, and during challenging times, revenue is always the answer. Safe, predictable, powerful revenue. Back in the day when I wrote the Profit Growth Banking book, I was happy with profit or growth, but I was most happy with both. Now I want to always see predictable revenue that’s profitable along with safety. That’s the game that we’re looking for. And anything other than that is very risky during challenging times. Easier said than done.

It comes by putting together a franchise system. I had the great honor many years ago of being the lead educator and consultant for the top franchise in this country. And my job was to teach them leadership, but they probably taught me more because I learned franchise thinking. I learned franchise execution. And most banks are terrible at their franchise systems, especially as it applies to revenue.

The most important system to have a franchise system built around is through having an identified best process whereby you can identify the next best customers who are going to be the most profitable and safest. Even though they love their current bank, get them excited about you, and then have a huge conversion rate of maybe 85% to become your customer, all at extreme premium pricing.

That is the game of a franchise system. And it requires perfect execution. It requires flawless understanding of how it works. But by doing that, it can be done. Now, lots of banks will tell you, “This can’t be done Roxanne, you must be crazy.” And yet many banks are doing exactly that. And if they’re doing it, wouldn’t you want to know how? When I wrote this book, I decided it was time for the banking industry to understand what franchise thinking is all about, and especially how to create a franchise about the most important thing, your revenue system, your loan growth, your profitable, safe, predictable loan growth.

I have a webinar coming up soon as a master class where I’m going to be teaching about how to accomplish that. And I hope you join me because it is unfortunate for so many banks to be struggling and victims of the circumstances of what’s going on in the environment, as opposed to creating their predictable system. It can be done.


– Roxanne Emmerich

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