The Virtues of a Gratitude Habit [VIDEO]

Just today I heard about one of our banks where a quarter of their people are out with COVID. Hmm. These are challenging times. Imagine trying to run a bank with that amount of people who are sick, who we know will be out for at least two weeks, maybe longer, and think about the further contamination as well. These are challenging times when a lot is going wrong. We have commercial properties sitting empty. We have the end of PPP loans. And what’s going to happen with the money for small businesses?

Video: The Virtues of a Gratitude Habit 

And yet, as we approach Thanksgiving, there’s a lot to be grateful for. We have great teams that stand for the same values, we have great customers, and we get the honor to take good care of them. We have to remember those great things that are around us everywhere and the opportunities that creates. When we get our hearts in the right place, when we obsess about the success of our customers as opposed to thinking about what can we sell them next, what’s the next gig that we can move through, how do we go get the additional premium pricing, when instead we obsess about how we’re going to make a difference, it gives us great honor to be able to be of service to them because they can tell the difference between someone who’s there as a taker and someone who is there as a giver. And that’s what Thanksgiving is about because life gives to the givers and life takes from the takers. The world has a perfect accounting system.


– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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