Conventional Wisdom Is Killing Your Bank’s Future Potential [VIDEO]

Isn’t it fascinating how for years and years and years, people would fight wars by standing in line with red coats on, in formation, shooting guns, while the other side would come at them when they had guns standing in line, running with swords, thinking that they could win. That same thing is happening in banking today. 


The old thinking that we don’t question.  The thinking about how we get deposits is crazy in this world. Advertising rates only means you’re guaranteeing that when you bring the money in, it won’t be at a profit, and that money will leave you quickly.

There are so many examples of us standing in line with red coats on, waiting to be shot, as opposed to reinventing the category that we’re in.  There are much better ways to find deposits. There are much better ways to make the strategic plan actually get done. There are much better ways to make sure that you’re getting that 150 basis points more, truly, 150 basis points more on the loan side for the best quality customer, so you’re not competing on rate. And yet, until we challenge the thinking, we’re not going to change the behavior.

So, this week, think about how you can challenge your thinking and bring a whole new way of doing things as a possibility to transform your results.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Please watch the video above and share it with your exec team and board.

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