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I don’t know about you, but I loved the movie The Founder, probably because I’ve been a systems thinker all of my life, and I truly believe there’s one way that’s the best way to do everything.

I believe that when you obsess over how to get the fastest way from A to B in everything that you do in your business, things begin to really shine quickly.

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That’s why I wrote The Breakthrough Banking Blueprint. It was after 30 years of working with the very top performing banks in this country, those who were doing things that others didn’t even know they could do and those who were getting results others didn’t even know they could get.

One Best Way to Do Anything

I’ve realized that there is one best way to do marketing, one best way to do sales, one best way to do strategy, one best way to hire new people, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Now, my question for you is, “How much thought are you giving the franchise systems?” And, “Are you truly AB split testing them to find out what may give you a 10% increase versus a 15% increase if you just adjusted it and kept it going that direction?”

In most banks, when we start to look at them, we realize that they have very inconsistent sales processes. And notice how I said processes as a plural. That, in itself, tells you something’s kind of screwy, because in most organizations, there’s one sales process, and everyone is required to follow that same process, just like there’s one way that we close out the books at the end of the month. There is one best way to close out the drawers at the end of the night.

Sales is a System

Sales is a system: a franchise system that needs to be optimized to figure out how you bring in better quality credits at premium pricing with a much higher close rate. That is the AB split testing that must be done.

A bunch of mavericks running around with business cases calling on people is not getting the job done. A proven system is your only chance to make that happen. Are you really clear that you have the right franchise system?

To your continued success,
Roxanne Emmerich

P.S. I love talking with ambitious bankers about the best way to do things! If that’s you, I hope to connect with you at one of my upcoming complimentary masterclasses on strategic planning or cross-sales.

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