When Purple is the New White: The Art of the Zag


I shout this into the microphone at ballrooms full of bankers in city after city. After I yell, “Whoooooooo’s HOT?” each table of ten goes nuts trying to get my attention. They shout, they whistle, they cheer, they stomp their feet. And when they realize that every other table of ten is also yelling, whistling, cheering, and stomping, what do they do? (more…)

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Get Rid of That “Gerbil on a Wheel” Feel

Busy work. It’s nuts. It’s out of proportion. In fact, the people who are always whining about being too busy and overwhelmed tend to be your least effective people. Ever notice that? The fact that they do their work so gracelessly and with such difficulty (“Can’t people see how stressed I am??”) is the biggest clue that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing–or at least doing it really, really badly. (more…)

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Blow Your Competitors Out of the Water

You’ve heard it before—the bankers who are STILL calling on clients asking hideously inept questions such as, “What kind of things are you looking for in a bank?” or “Tell me about your business,” or “What kind of things are keeping you up at night?” GAG. These approaches from the 1980s sales training programs were somewhat effective back then. Still, they really don’t stack up in this competitive market—and they certainly don’t get the attention of small businesses who are running fast and running hard and really don’t have time to chit chat. (more…)

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